Recipe Video Title Options

Feel free to let us know (via email) which title you'd like us to use for your recipe videos! Keep in mind that the fonts and colors are completely customizable, so let us know if you have a particular preference! We've used our Recipe Videography logo as a placeholder in these examples, but your logo would of course be used instead.

Rounded Rectangle Title

Brushed Title

Angled Blinds Title

SB Title 01

SB Title 02

SB Title 03

SB Title 04

SB Title 05

SB Title 06

SB Title 07

SB Title 08

SB Title 09

SB Title 10

SB Title 11

SB Title 12

SB Title 13

NB Title 01

NB Title 02

NB Title 03

NB Title 04

NB Title 05

NB Title 06

NB Title 07

NB Title 08