Here's what our clients are saying about us!

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"I just wanted to say that your work is amazing and I absolutely love working with you guys. You are so organized and punctual and the quality of your videos is better than anyone else we've worked with. You captured the look and feel of our recipe blog every time and I really appreciate it. " - Kat of

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"I really enjoy working with Yvonne and Steve for a number of reasons. First, they're just great to work with. Very accommodating and friendly. But they're also very talented with styling and lighting food and have the right equipment to make videos that look very professional. I am able to use the videos they create of my recipes, on my website, as well as on my social media channels. Having another form of content for my recipe readers to interact with continues to help my blog grow beyond the growth I was seeing just sharing photos. So, if you're thinking about making the leap into video, I say go for it! And highly recommend choosing Steve and Yvonne as the team to do that for you." - Angela of

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I have been working with the Tried and Tasty team for over a year now and honestly, I don't picture myself ever leaving them! Yvonne and Steve are a dream to work with and always deliver videos the way I envisioned them. Many of my readers have reached out to me asking what my secret is behind the amazing videos on my website and I always point them in the direction of Tried and Tasty! - Sarah of

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"Steve and Yvonne have been absolutely incredible to work with. The videos are extremely high quality and look very professional. They were able to capture the style of my blog and include appropriate branding within each video. I have some unique ingredients in many of my recipes and Yvonne and Steve were able to hunt down those ingredients and make each recipe perfectly. I have been extremely happy with how quickly the videos are completed and couldn't be happier with the overall experience!" - Danielle of

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"Yay!!! Love these emails. Everything looks AWESOME!! Thank you so much!! I tell you, having these videos has been THE BEST!! I love them. I love sharing them. Thank you. Thank you!!" - Michael of

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"I watched the videos you sent me and I absolutely LOVE them! There is basically nothing to add, everything is just perfect. My husband loved them too and told me "Wow, these recipes are actually easy to make". I think it says it all, you did an amazing job. Thank you!" - Del of

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Working with Tried and Tasty (Steve & Yvonne) has been an absolute game changer for my business! They are so attentive to detail, work alongside you, and cater to your needs so carefully that this is truly a one on one service. I always love communicating with both Steve and Yvonne and naturally, the quality of the videos are phenomenal! I could go on and on, but long story short - if you’re thinking of working with them - DO IT! You’ll be so happy you did! - Jessica from

Logo for Blue Bowl

"I just watched the video and all I can say is WOW!!! I'm doing a happy dance at my desk - it looks SO incredible!!! I am thrilled to have this video and can't wait to get it up on my site!!! Everything looks completely perfect to me, so no updates needed!! (Sorry for using SO many exclamation points but I think it gets my excitement across, haha!)" - Stephanie from

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"Wow, videos on time for a change haha 😂 I’m not used to this!

I love all the videos and have no change/edit requests.

Excited for next month. You guys are a pleasure to work with and thank you for sending them early even!" - Jessica of

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"I just want to tell you these videos are FANTASTIC! Thank you so much! Both of these recipes can be difficult and you and your team did such a fabulous job! We're so beyond THRILLED with your work. You guys are so talented!" - Anne of

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"It's rare to come across a team as dependable and organized as the Tried & Tasty crew! And of course the quality of the videos is fantastic! Just this morning a reader actually commented on my blog that she really appreciates my videos. I think the quality is a big reason why. They're beautiful and a pleasure to watch. I really enjoy working with Yvonne and Steve and highly recommend them." - Lori from

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"Yvonne and Steve are so wonderful to work with! Super responsive, knowledgeable and kind! The videos they produce are always high quality and they are always improving!" - Kelley from