Meet your friendly recipe videography team!

Steve and Yvonne smiling in the kitchen.

Yvonne & Steve - your friendly recipe videographers!

Yvonne and Steve have been happily married since 2009 and have been business partners for nearly as long!  Yvonne began sharing her recipes with family and friends via a small and cozy personal blog, but was surprised to discover that her recipes were being consumed and loved by a much larger audience than she imagined.

Seeing an opportunity to reach the world with delicious and proven recipes, Yvonne and Steve banded together to launch their recipe website in 2010 - which is still active today!

Running a recipe blog comes with DOZENS of responsibilities, including recipe creation, testing, writing, photography, videography, marketing, and so much more. Yvonne and Steve quickly discovered that one of the aspects of their business that they loved most was capturing recipes on video and mesmerizing viewers with gorgeous food cinematography. After all, if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million!

It wasn't long until fellow food bloggers and food brands began asking Yvonne and Steve for help with transforming their own recipes into beautiful recipe videos. Passion, ability, and opportunity collided and Yvonne and Steve have been proudly serving up top notch recipe videos ever since!

Yvonne's hands are the star of the show, as she puts her culinary expertise on display for the world to see. She's also responsible for prop-shopping and styling recipes in the most stunning ways.

In her down time, Yvonne loves cooking and baking (of course!), decorating, plants (indoors and outdoors - she's a major 'plant lady'), and playing board games with family and friends.

Steve is a level 99 tech-wizard, handling virtually everything related to cameras, lighting, polishing & exporting videos, website management, marketing, and corresponding with clients. 

Steve is passionate about writing, natural health, technology, and building things. He can also be found tinkering with all kinds of improvement projects around the house and yard.

Sara smiling outdoors.

Office Assistant & Prop Shopper!

Sara and Yvonne grew up living two blocks away from each other but had no idea! Later in life they would meet at a corporate job and work together for several years. Eventually, they parted ways as Yvonne moved to a new position and Sara became a stay at home mom.

After a couple of years at home, Sara wanted to make a little extra money for her growing family and to get out of the house more often. When the opportunity became available to work with Yvonne & Steve, Sara jumped on it and the rest is history.

Sara has been married to her best friend for almost a decade and has two beautiful kids. When she is not busy keeping her children alive, she can be found renovating something in their house with her husband or watching The Great British Baking Show and New Girl.

Mariana smiling in front of a blue wall.

Video Editing Expert!

Mariana is a video editor who loves to cook - so when she got the opportunity to edit recipe videos as a job, she was ecstatic! She met Steve and Yvonne in 2020 and has been editing recipe videos for them ever since!

At just 10 years old, she was constantly watching the Food Network. She watched pretty much every show, but her favorite was hands down 'Iron Chef America'. The creativity of the chefs inspired her to try out new recipes for her family.

Nowadays, she enjoys cooking as a hobby - every week experimenting with new recipes, but more likely creating her own on a whim. Although she's not vegan, she loves to dabble in vegan recipes, particularly the baking ones. She also enjoys trying recipes from cultures outside of her own.

Adrienne smiling in front of a white wall.

Video Editing Expert!

Adrienne is a recent mom, Utah transplant, and video editor. She quickly found her legs and her passion for video editing, and recipe video editing in particular.

She loves to watch recipes come alive from start to finish, and to "tell a story" along the way. She enjoys putting creative touches into her editing work to draw viewers in and make them want to make the recipe ASAP!

Kacey smiling in the kitchen.

Food Prepper & Grocery Master!

Kacey is one of the hardest workers and kindest people you can find. If she isn't busy with her kids and her amazingly handsome husband, she is probably off helping someone or camping in the mountains with friends. She has been married for 12 years to a guy she has had eyes for ever since the 7th grade.

Kacey graduated from Morgan High school and completed her Associates from Weber State. She grew up in Utah but has spent some quality time in Ohio and even a 3 year stint in the Philippines for her husband's job.

Kacey has four kids and is the ultimate weekend warrior when it comes to baseball games, dance competitions and tumbling meets. She has worked from a young age cleaning houses, performing CNA duties, and now full time mom and food prepper.

She is always willing to drop what she is doing and care for others. She loves to play games of all kinds (cards, board games etc.) and especially enjoys whooping Steve in Space Base.

(In case you couldn't tell, this biography was written by Kacey's oh so hilarious husband, Landon.)

Becca's biography photo

TikTok & Reels Narrator!

Becca is a lover of all things food, and social media so working with Tried and Tasty is a dream! She met Yvonne working with her on previous projects in the corporate world, and is beyond excited to be working with both Yvonne and Steve in any way again.

Becca has been working in social media and content creation for five years and loves it. Growing up, she always wanted a job that would allow her to be creative in her own way, as well as a job that would allow her to be a present mom at home.

She’s been married for five years, and has two children, and one dog, but is hoping that another pup can be added to the mix soon. When Becca isn’t working and keeping her family well fed, she can be found at the movies with a large tub of popcorn, Vanilla Coke, and a giant pickle.