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Interested in working with us? Awesome! Here's how to get started.

Step 1. Check our current availability.

It's not unusual for us to have a wait list of new clients who are eager for us to produce stunning recipe videos for them. If there currently is a wait list, fear not! There are two options:

A. You can email us and ask to be added to our waitlist and we'll notify you when the wait is over! There's zero cost to be added to our wait list, and there's no obligation to have us film recipe videos for you if you decide that you no longer require our services by the time your spot on the wait list comes up.

B. If you'd rather not wait, we offer an 'overtime' option, which allows you to skip the wait list for a fee. Let us know via email if you'd like to learn more about this option.

Step 2. Email us.

To introduce yourself and to ask us for our Rate Sheet. Feel free to ask us any questions as well - we're happy to answer them!

Next Steps. We'll guide you through the next steps via email, including sending you a link to our intake form, where you'll be able to specify your video preferences; including surface, music, font, and title options.