Hello! We currently have a wait list for new blogging clients.
If you're a corporation or brand, please contact us for availability.

We offer a special 'overtime' option (described below) for blogging clients who need videos right away and can't afford to wait.

We are SO appreciative of each and every one of our clients and prospective clients! We truly wish that we could fulfill every single request to film a recipe video right away, however we often find ourselves at max filming capacity where it's just not humanly possible to squeeze another video in - not without working after-hours and on weekends anyways.

Not to worry though! We've implemented a wait list for bloggers who would like to be next in line to have us film delicious recipe videos for them as filming spots become available.

Here's our current wait list:
Codenames have been used to protect the privacy of our clients - and also because codenames just sound cool. 😎

  1. The Sonic Spoon (Recurring)

  2. The Stealth Spiralizer (Recurring: ~2 spots per month)

If you would like to be added to this wait list, please contact us!

There's zero cost to be added to our wait list, and there's no obligation to have us film recipe videos for you if you decide that you no longer require our services by the time your spot on the wait list comes up.

As spots become available, we'll work our way through the list beginning with spot #1.

It's quite challenging to predict how many spots will become available each month, and how fast we'll be able to get through filming the recipes on our wait list.

Spots will typically become available as existing clients have their video bundles fulfilled by us (assuming that they don't renew for another bundle) - or if we have unexpected "no-shows" during a given month.

In other words, we may only be able to get through 0-1 wait listed spots one month, and 2-3 wait listed spots another month - it ultimately depends on how many bundle-fulfilled clients & no-shows that we have. We wish we could be more specific!

If you need a video in a hurry and need to bypass this wait list, we offer an "overtime" option.

Using this option, we'll film your recipes within 30 days of having them submitted to us (subject to availability)!

The cost of the "overtime" option is 1.5x our regular recipe video rate. The reason that we charge more for overtime videos is because we have to work overtime and after-hours to fit them into our already jam packed filming and editing schedule, so it's our version of time-and-a-half. We're more than happy to do so though if you need one or more recipe videos in a hurry!

You can even stack our expedited delivery option with our overtime option if you need a video extra fast! 🚀

Questions? Please feel free to reach out to us here:

We'd love to hear from you

Both Steve and Yvonne monitor this address, and you can typically expect a response within 1-2 business days.

We look forward to hearing from you!