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Q. Who pays for the cost of ingredients used in the recipe video?

A. We do! Up to $40 worth per recipe. This tends to cover about 95% or more of recipes, with the exception of recipes which use large cuts of meat or exotic ingredients. If a recipe uses more than $40 worth of ingredients, we'll cover the initial $40 and then invoice you for for any amount beyond that. We'll provide an itemized receipt for your records.

Q. Why are recipe videos so important?

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Q. What’s the difference between a good recipe video and a great one?

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Q. Which recipes should I make recipe videos for?

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Q. Would we be a good fit for working together?

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Q. Do I own the rights to my recipe video?

A. Absolutely! Your recipe video is YOURS and you are free to use it however and wherever you'd like.

Please note that we can't grant you exclusive rights to the background music used in your recipe video since we use licensed royalty free music from a third party. You are however allowed to publish your video anywhere you'd like.

Q. How long will you keep a copy of my raw video footage and my video project?

A. We keep an 'editable' copy of your video project for 6 months after submitting the initial MP4 copy of the video to you. This means that we can make any needed changes to your video for up to 6 months after you review it.

Q. What do you do with all of the leftover food from your filming each month?

A. We eat a lot of it ourselves and feel very fortunate to have access to so much wonderful food! We also donate much of it to neighbors, friends, and people in our local community. Our neighbors tend to especially look forward to the Holiday season because of all the delicious baked goods that they receive. 🙂

Q. What's the most unique recipe that you've filmed?

A. Chicken feet! We we're a bit intimidated to make something so far out of our comfort zone, but the recipe turned out to be fantastic!

Q. Do you offer a discount for ongoing/multiple recipe videos?

A. We do offer a discount for client's who hire us to film 10 or more videos, as well as 20 or more videos. Please email us to request our rate sheet.

Q. What sizes/formats will you deliver my recipe video in?

A. We deliver videos in the following sizes/formats:

- Rectangle 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels)
- Square 2K (2160 x 2160 pixels)
- Vertical 9:16 (1080 x 1920 pixels)

We also offer a Textless version of your video. This version is great for taking screen grabs from if you need additional photos of your recipe, including step by step photos.

Q. What are your favorite aspects of being a recipe videographer?

A. It's so rewarding seeing a recipe video come together from start to finish - beginning with the raw ingredients, and culminating in a collection of finished "hero" scenes that make you want to lick your screen! It's also incredibly rewarding to see a video that we've produced go viral for one of our clients - it truly feels like a shared victory!

We can't deny how awesome it is to have so much amazing food in our kitchen as well.

Q. What are the most difficult aspects of being a recipe videographer?

A. A lot of people don't realize what a physically demanding job it is - from grocery shopping, to hauling surfaces, props, & pots & pans back and forth in the studio, to preparing the recipe, to doing dishes afterwards - it's a lot of time on your feet!

It's also a significant amount of work managing and editing the numerous hours of video footage that we shoot. We have a very powerful network of computers and storage devices and chomp through Terabytes worth of data each month.

Q. Do you film Vegan Recipes?

A. Absolutely! We've filmed hundreds of Vegan recipes and we're familiar with Vegan ingredients and substitutes.

Q. Do you film Keto and Low Carb Recipes?

A. For sure! We're very familiar with these types of recipes and we have plenty of experience baking with low or no calorie sweeteners and flour substitutes.

Q. Do you film Air Fryer Recipes?

A. We sure do! We have a couple of Air Fryer's in our studio - including a Gourmia Air Fryer, as well as a Ninja Foodi.

Q. Do you film Instant Pot recipes?

A. We love IP recipes! We have a small, medium, and large Instant Pot in our studio.

Q. Do you film recipes from around the World?

A. Yes! We've filmed authentic recipes from China, India, Japan, Thailand, Mexico, and more. We're fortunate to live in an area that has numerous grocery stores nearby, including specialty markets for World cuisine.

Q. Can I submit an unpublished recipe to be filmed?

A. Yes! We just ask that you ensure the recipe has been tested and is clearly explained using written instructions. We're videographers, not testers - and the quality of a recipe video is closely related to the quality of the recipe. With that being said, we've made plenty of recipes which were not yet published and written out as a Google Doc or PDF, and they turned out great!

Q. Do you film craft videos as well?

A. Yes! Recipe videos are our specialty, but we've also filmed some top notch craft videos as well. Email us and let us know what type of craft you have in mind and we'll let you know if we think it would translate well to video!

Q. Is there a surcharge for sponsored videos?

A. There is a modest surcharge for a sponsored recipe videos. This is due to the amount of additional work that is typically required for a sponsored video, such as sourcing a specific brand of product, strategically displaying the brand's packaging in the video, adding necessary verbiage/branding to the video, and more.

Q. What if I sign up for a bundle of videos and cancel my bundle before all video obligations have been fulfilled?

A. If for example, you committed to doing a bundle of 20 videos aka the "Full Course" package, but wished to cease having videos produced after 10 videos - we would just ask you to pay the "Entree" rate for each video.

Q. What is your turnaround time for recipe videos?

A. We typically request that our clients submit any recipes that they'd like us to film during a given month, by the 1st of that month. We'll then deliver the filmed and edited recipe video to the client by the end of that month. If a client requires a faster turnaround time, we offer two expedited delivery add-on options for a modest fee. One with a 7-day turnaround, and one with a 15-day turnaround.

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